About Us

Envirowatch LTD is committed to providing its clients with the tools they require to fully understand the environment in which we live and identify the sources of pollutants so that targeted and effective mitigation measures can be implemented.

To achieve this, our products are all designed with the common principles of being small, unobtrusive, self-powered and easy to install.

This allows our products to be deployed in such a way that they are capturing pollution at levels which are representative of real population exposure and at an increased spatial resolution, enabling users to capture the true complexities of air pollution, noise pollution and flooding.

At the core of our designs is the need for simple and reliable data transfer. Our products use common, low power communications that are tried and tested in the field.

We are aware of our environmental responsibilities so our product range is designed to fully make use of solar power wherever possible, reducing the need for external power requirements.

To begin to reduce the impact pollution is making on the environment and ourselves, and to lessen the dangers of flooding, we believe that knowledge is power. Before we can deal with an environmental issue we must first fully understand that issue and how it varies over space and time. Envirowatch products provide that knowledge