Air Quality and Noise Pollution

The E-MOTE system was the first product launched by Envirowatch in 2010. It was designed to offer air quality and noise pollution monitoring without the inherent drawbacks of existing solutions. Traditional monitoring equipment is large, obtrusive and costly, limiting the spatial resolution of networks.

The E-MOTE solution uses many “motes” – small wireless devices typically deployed on lamp posts, and a “gateway” device which acts as a data collection and forwarding device. The E-MOTES record air quality and noise data every minute then communicate between each other and the gateway using a custom ad-hoc wireless communication protocols, based on the IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee) standard. The Gateway then forwards the data from the E-MOTE using GPRS to the EnviroView software located in the cloud.


The viability of this product as an effective environmental quality monitoring solution has been proven in various locations across the world. The largest active network at the time of writing is in Medway with over 100 motes. This solution provides high spatial and temporal resolution air quality and noise data which is representative of population exposure, in a very cost effective manner. With solar panel integration, deployment timescales are not limited by battery life.