Using the knowledge and experience gained from the E-MOTE system, Envirowatch has developed a stand-alone, noise only monitoring device, which utilises a proprietary low power GPRS module in each unit. This makes the NoiseMOTE a truly flexible product in terms of its deployment location.

The noise sensing technology on-board the Noise-MOTE has been overhauled from that of the E-MOTE. Noise is sampled 8 times per second and converted to LAmax(1-min) and LAeq(1-min). Data is then sent over mobile network to the Enviroview Software.

The NoiseMOTES have a 50dB(A) range that can be adjusted to lie somewhere between the lower bound of 40dB(A) and the upper bound of 125dB(A). The device tested in an anechoic environment and the measurements were always within 2.2dB(A) of precision measurements in this range, meeting Class 2 requirements.

Taking advantage of the unobtrusive, cost effective design of the NoiseMOTE, collecting data from a network of devices spread over a large area, which will help to understand the spatial distribution of noise pollution and disruption in a way which is not possible with traditional noise monitoring equipment.